I. label la‧bel 1 [ˈleɪbl] noun [countable]
1. a piece of paper or cloth that is attached to something and gives information about it:

price labels on goods in a supermarket

• Read the label carefully and follow the instructions exactly.

2. COMMERCE MARKETING the company or brand name on a product:

• Some retailers market some goods under their own branding and some under the manufacturer's label.

— see also own-label, private, store label
deˈsigner ˌlabel COMMERCE
a company that makes fashionable expensive clothes with its own well-known name on them:

• a designer label such as Chanel

3. COMMERCE the name of a record company:

• Phillips' Polygram record company bought the Island label.

4. COMMERCE the name of a wine-making company:

• This wine from the Napa Ridge label is one of the great bargains of all time.

  [m0] II. label label 2 verb labelled PTandPPX labelling PRESPARTX labeled PTandPPX labeling PRESPARTX [transitive]
1. to fix a label onto something or write a description on something:

• Beef producers must obey certain rules in labeling their new low-fat products.

• All charts, diagrams and tables should be labelled.

• The government forced six companies to stop labeling their processed pastas, juices and pickles as `fresh.'

2. to use a word or phrase to describe someone or something, often unfairly or incorrectly:

• One of the things we tend to do in organizations, unfortunately, is label people.

label somebody/​something ( as) something

• Plastics aren't perceived as recyclable and so are labelled as environmentally unfriendly.

* * *

label UK US /ˈleɪbəl/ noun [C] COMMERCE, MARKETING
a piece of paper or other material that gives you information about the object that it is fixed to: address/price/warning label »

Canada put graphic warning labels on cigarette packs back in June 2001.


Food packages that did not carry a label certifying them as safe were being blocked from export.


Launder or dry-clean, according to the care label.


Check the sodium levels on the food label.

a company that produces goods for sale, using a particular name: designer/fashion label »

She also has plans to launch a range of cosmetics if her fashion label takes off.

a name of a record company: »

an independent/record/major label

a name of a company that makes wine: »

Among its other big deals this year was the purchase of two champagne labels.

a name or symbol that is used by a company to sell its products, or the products themselves: »

Contaminated wheat gluten made its way into pet food sold under nearly 100 labels across North America.

See also BRAND LABEL(Cf. brand label), DESIGNER LABEL(Cf. ↑designer label), OWN-LABEL(Cf. ↑own-label), PRIVATE-LABEL(Cf. ↑private-label), STORE LABEL(Cf. ↑store label)
label UK US /ˈleɪbəl/ verb [T] (UK -ll-, US -l-)
COMMERCE, MARKETING to fasten a label to something, or write information on something: »

All food products are labelled with their price and country of origin.

be labelled as sth »

Only clothes with a UPF of 15 to 50-plus may be labeled as sun-protective.


Processed foods must be clearly labeled to indicate fat, sugar, and salt content for shoppers.

to describe someone or something using a particular word or phrase, often unfairly: »

She doesn't like being labelled as a ""woman director"", saying she's just a director who happens to be a woman.

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